The Dark Side Of “Do What You Love” – Skills And Abilties

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(Steve continues his dream-destroying exploration of why “Do What You Love” doesn’t address the darker truths of careers. Dive in for more sarcasm, dark insights, and asking how we can overcome these challenges)

So you want to “Do What You Love”, and perhaps you can overcome the circumstances of birth and surroundings and your own shortcomings. That’s pretty impressive because a lot of people don’t, don’t realize they haven’t, and wonder what happened. So, hey, good job.

Of course now you get to the point where you have to become able to do your dream job and follow your hopes. Guess what? You’re probably not ready because “Do What You Love” doesn’t mean anything for getting you actually capable to do the job.

In short, that little phrase doesn’t teach you squat. Here’s what’s wrong:

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