The Two Creative Revolutions: One Continues

We’re experiencing a creative revolution. Self-publishing technology, POD, and word processors lets one make a novel or comic alone (though hopefully one is social enough to get an editor). A lone game designer or a small crew can make a quality game with common libraries and engines. CGI allows a film like “Manborg” to be made cheaply and efficiently.

This does not mean this explosion of work is one of quality, but it is historically noteworthy. The power to get creative work out and available is accessible by a much wider audience than in the past. To judge by the wok out there, many people are willing to take advantage of this power.

Again, we may complain about a lack of quality, but we’re not lacking for quantity, even if we may wish we were.

We have a revolution in creativity-empowering tools, but that’s not the only revolution. There’s another change that’s gone on, eclipsed by the tools. This shadow revolution, this parallel change, is the idea that all of us can be authors and coders and artists.

There’s been a revolution in our narratives about ourselves.

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MuseHack: Connecting Talents And Positions!

OK gang!  Welcome to one of our experiments here at MuseHack – a way to connect people and talent!

So do you need geek talent for your convention or your company?  Are you looking to promote your talent and find jobs or nonprofits for your own skills?  That’s what this is about!

Well, here’s our latest list of people who need talent and juicy job postings gathered in our news scans, and some talented individuals you may want to snatch up for freelance work, your con, or other efforts.

We’ll also need to know what you need, what you have, and what you’ve got going on!  Be sure to contact us for the next post!


Consumer Reports Needs Content Team Leader:

The Electronics Content Development Team Leader will be contributing to content strategy across multiple media and platforms (digital, print, mobile, etc), with the common goal of fully engaging the CR audience. Not only about what is “now,” but what is “next.”

Administrative assistant at Gygax Magazine

Important Update: Gygax Magazine is looking for a new employee in the San Francisco Bay Area—Berkeley. The role will be assisting our Chief Editor Jayson Elliot.

As Jayson explains, “This role is for an office assistant who will answer emails, help customers get their orders, service advertisers & distributors, and assist me (Jayson) with scheduling and day-to-day operations. Being handy around WordPress is a bonus, but not required”

The position is part-time (about 15 hours a week) and paid.

For those interested, you can get more details by contacting djinn at gygaxmagazine dot com



Operation Hammond:

Operation Hammond is a non profit organization of like-minded individuals within the anime, sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture convention community dedicated to bringing awareness of first aid, emergency preparedness and training to people who attend and staff anime, sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture conventions. They’re looking for all kinds of volunteers, and you don’t have to have medical skills to help out! A great way to network and meet people and do something for your community.




MlleBienvenu is a freelance illustrator and cover artist. She has worked in many different digital art styles ranging from traditional to anime.



Multimedia Artist:

Looking for paid or light unpaid work of almost any kind; digital or traditional illustration, design, or photography, are just a few that I have experience with.  I am highly motivated and learn quickly and will never deliver substandard results.  Partial portfolio under construction at and constantly updating.

Can be contacted at this address thelittleoh(at-sign)gmail(dot)com


Aspiring fantasy writer looking for any writing opportunities.  Writes on video games (platforms, RPGs, some shooters, beast raising/fighting).




Gamasutra wants to hear about alternate funding methods for game developers: