Why And How To Recycle Electronics – With A Geek Touch

Let’s talk recycling your electronics.Now this is something we rarely think bout since we geeks don’t like to throw stuff away, and sometimes shiny new things distract us.  It’s something I admit I didn’t think about much until my last … Continue reading

Way With Worlds: The Differences Between Magic And Technology

[Way With Worlds appears at Seventh Sanctum and at MuseHack] Last column, I looked at writing magic and technology for your setting – and noted that in many ways for the sake of world building they could be treated the same.  I still … Continue reading

Sympathy For The Intoxicated: Drunk On The Power of Technology

Monday, we got to meet Nathan Shumate of the accurately named LousyBookCovers. It’s a fascinating insight into the man, the project, and the . . . less than ideal covers that occasionally appear in self-publishing. He mentioned one thing that … Continue reading