Technology And Image

We are nerds, geeks and otaku.  We love technology.  We love gadgets.  We're into them.  We're fully 100% out as raging technophiles.  From the youngest geek to the oldest profan and protaku, we love our gizmos.

We use technology all the time.  We take our gaming systems on the train to kill time.  We take our smartphones to conventions to stay in touch and take photos.  We take our iPad to our job interviews to overwhelm people with how cool we are.

In many cases, we may realize that technology says something about us.  Having a DS is an invitation to trade Pokemon (even if you don't play it).  A smartphone will lead people to assume you have a GPS (which they may not tell you until they're lost).  An iPad says you're cutting edge and have spare cash.  We usually enjoy what these things say about us.

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