Make It So: The Trailer Film Of Trailers

Awhile ago I mentioned how Serdar and I had discussed the way film companies could act as incubators for smaller, less pricey movies. The risk is lowered, the chance for success is good (and perhaps higher without Save The Cat efforts), and goodwill would be made. Basically, a skunkworks.

Well admittedly we don’t know if anyone is doing this, though I’d like to fantasize that big studio execs read our blog and hang on our every word. Or at least try to find ways to mess with Scott (I suspect that Charmed remake HAS to be that).

But a similar idea struck me – it actually came during a movie outing with a local group of gamers. We were discussing “Machete Kills.”

Now this Danny Trejo vehicle may not seem to be something that leads to particularly deep thoughts about movies and media. But let’s consider its origins.

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