Why We’re Bad At Networking #6: No Support Structure, No Foundation

You got it, I’m still going on about why we’re bad at networking. I’ve covered issues of overload, incoherent advice, too many options, focus issues, and not pitching to the right personalities. Actually by now I think I’m even more … Continue reading

Why We’re Bad At Newtworking #3: The New Skew Review

Last week as I explored why we’re bad at networking, I covered how the basics are actually poorly handled, taught, and communicated. Somehow among all the books and lectures, we manage to get the actual basics of networking made boring, … Continue reading

Why We’re Bad At Networking: Too Much Talk of Networking

Sometimes these posts come out of nowhere.  And they launch series. I was discussing social capital on Twitter, as best one can at 140 characters a post while taking a walk, and one thing led to another.  Someone brought up … Continue reading