Geek Catalog Update for 9/21/2014

Sorry I missed last week – got sick and got hammered at work and in general was miserable-busy. When I wasn’t sleeping. I did get some updates this week to the Geek Catalog – and as always check out Geek or Community focus.

Here’s what got added this week:



  • Literacy
    • Reading with Pictures – Promotes literacy with the use of comics in the classroom. Heavily oriented towards ways to get involved!



  • Ocean Preservation
    • Oceana – An international organization focused on sealife preservation and marine issues
  • Wildlife Preservation
    • World Wildlife Fund – Focuses on preserving and protecting wildlife and related environmental and pollution issues.

Video Games

  • History
    • Video Game History Museum – A video game history museum that covers a wide variety of subjects, histories, games, and focuses
  • Military Support
    • Military Gamers – A community and support network for military and former military gamers from the US military. Promotes healthy gaming and support.


  • Writing Skills
    • Wonder Writers – A charity that promotes writing and writing skills for young people from grades K-12.