Social Engagement is the Norm

Looking over games, blogs, news sites, etc. one thing strikes me about the future of ALL businesses.

All businesses are going to have to be customer-engaged to succeed.  They'll need posts, comments, Tweets, emails, FAQS, forums, and more because THAT is the new normal.

Part of this is the influence of social media, of course (as I noted, social media is normal anyway), but part of this is the accessibility the internet provides.  People expect to be able to communicate, get answers, get information, etc.

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Thoughts on the Wall

Thirteen years ago when my IT career first started, I had my first experience with the online job search.  It was a profound experience because, at the time, I could tell the the job search and the career world were changing.  Looking back, I think I may have been on to something.

Those many years ago, I began noticing how the job search was changing.  Being in IT, I had to deal with a lot of chaos and job changes – and thus learn about job searches, even if only to be safe.  I watched my industry move online quickly, saw companies come and go, saw people adapt – and saw people fall behind.

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