When do you outsource?

I wrote awhile ago about fansourcing and wanted to follow up on a general question – when do you outsource things important to your career?

We geek types sometimes try and do everything – being technically adept, having multiple skills, and being cutting-edge means we can do a lot.  We also may be afraid to outsource things to other people since, simply, it can be hard to trust someone else.

Unfortunately, we find we have to.  There's only so much we can do.

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You cannot NOT communicate

There's a principle in the psychological theory/techniques known as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – you cannot NOT communicate.  That's worth remembering in your career (and indeed, your whole life).

Humans are social animals and are communicating constantly.  In your career, of course, communication is important, which is why I wanted to do a separate essay on this.

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Do you have a Social Media Backup Plan?

If you're not sick hearing about Social Media, you're a stronger person than I am.  I'm a blatant technophile living in a home with multiple Wii's, X-boxes, DSes, and more computers than actual users.  Despite this, *I* am getting a bit tired of hearing about social media.

Of course this isn't going to stop me from talking about it, because taking social media for granted is actually a source of trouble.

Namely, when you get to used to it, you miss making a backup plan.  Since Social Media is a big part of  our lives and careers and job searches, you'll want one.

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