This is not exactly a review, but it’s a quick look at .
is a great resource for finding out salaries for different careers, in
specific locations, all for free.  One enters a particular title, a zip
code, and after a few selections (and some ads) you get a nice
mathematical salary breakdown.

I’ve found it very useful and reliable – the numbers provided
usually match up my other research and experience, and the provision of
a ranged breakdown of salaries is very useful.  If you’re going to
negotiate for pay or are recruiting, you’ll want to go to

There are also a variety of other features, mostly ones that cost
money – more comprehensive breakdown, information targeted at
recruiters, and more.  I’m sure these are probably good – the free
portion is very good – but I frankly haven’t had any reason to explore
them at all.

So I can’t call this a full review as I’ve used the site for exactly one
thing.  However, it’s definitely worth your time to take a look at.  If
nothing else, go on and see where your current pay rate stacks up.



Fandom and general geekery is a place with a plethora of talent.  Epic fanfics that take a year to write, incredible art, extensive websites, huge conventions, fantastic cosplay – all are a testimony to the talents in fandom cultures.  Indeed, one of the motivations for this blog is my desire to do my part to help the talented people out there find ways to use their talents and make a living at them.

However, for fans and non-fans alike, there is a set of skills that are
indispensable to survival in the job world and the world in general.
That is an understanding of economic and related issues.  Or in short,
no matter what kind of professional you become, you’re going to need to
become an amateur economist.

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An entire summer course on worldbuilding?

Link here.

Wofford College is sponsoring a residential summer course on worldbuilding where attendees will build an entire world as part of their project, and work collaboratively.

This is something I’m very encouraged about.  Worldbuilding is a major part of writing, game design, and art.  A good world is literally the main character you never see as the main character as it defines every element of your story with a coherent whole.

I’m also glad to see Worldbuilding treated as a kind of craftsmanship.  When I read fiction I want to get something out of it – to think, to laugh, to have a reaction, to come away with more.  Good worldbuilding can really contribute to that, by laying the foundation to make it all mean something.

Finally it’s nice to see something THIS unrepentant creative and geeky having a course like this.

Also I rather imagine this or something similar would be a heck of a thing to put on a resume for some young people, or those helping with the class . . .

– Steve