Business: The Three Areas of Change, Part II

Last post I took a look at the 3 areas of change in the world of business:

The Production Revolution – The fact we can make and publish/produce things easier and without the middlemen of the past, using new middlemen who focus on enabling and connection.

The CorpTechPocalypse – The end of Corporate IT due to SaaS, mobile service, and easy-setup.  This also means setting up a powerful IT system is easy to do.

The Structure Shift – The ability to outsource major parts of an organization, from accounting to physical infrastructure, allows many common business needs to be met easily and cheaply – or become unneeded.

These 3 areas of change are, as noted, areas of opportunities – opportunities to save money, to start your own business with these resources, or even get in on these in your own business.

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Business: The Three Areas of Change

As I see it there are 3 major areas of change in how businesses function in our economy.  These areas of change are going to vastly, vastly affect the kind of world we live and work in.  These transformations will also affect any businesses we found and jobs we have (or don't have).  I want to take a chance to identify these areas of change, how they interact, and what it means for us in two essays.

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The Joy of Fansourcing

I talk about Fansourcing quite a bit.  It's because it's important, because it is good for people, and because I'm blatantly trying to get people to use the term to promote the idea.

Now of all the benefits I've talked about, let me note there's one that is important to remember: Peace of mind.

Not peace of mind for the person doing the work – though they may get some from the experience or the pay or the thrill of doing the work.  I'm talking the peace of mind you get from finally Fansourcing something.

  • You know the work is in good hands and don't have to worry about the outcome.
  • You now have freed up time to do other things, and can tackle them.
  • You have the peace of mind of just letting go.
  • You have the peace of mind of knowing you made a decision to not do something.
  • You put the work in the hands of a fellow fan, geek, otaku, etc.

We often fret about things we need to do, we worry where they are in our schedule, we're not sure what to do.  When you Fansource everything becomes clear for you.

So among all the other advantages of Fansourcing, remember the sanity and clarity it can bring you!

– Steven Savage