The CorpTechPocalypse And The Post PC World?

Last week, I noted that some say Apple had their first post-PC quarter – and that this isn't suprising.  In fact, ilke the "CorpTechPocalypse", the slow dying of IT departments, this is a completely predictable trend.  In fact, I think they're the same thing.

Really, the dying of the average IT department is pretty much the same reason that companies are aiming for a post-PC market.

(Now I agree with our own Scott that it's not a post-PC world in that the world will forget PC's.  I view what's coming as a world where the PC's role shrinks considerably.  But I call it Post-PC as the other term I heard, "PC Plus," doesn't cut it for me)

So what are these similarities?

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Business: The Three Areas of Change, Part II

Last post I took a look at the 3 areas of change in the world of business:

The Production Revolution – The fact we can make and publish/produce things easier and without the middlemen of the past, using new middlemen who focus on enabling and connection.

The CorpTechPocalypse – The end of Corporate IT due to SaaS, mobile service, and easy-setup.  This also means setting up a powerful IT system is easy to do.

The Structure Shift – The ability to outsource major parts of an organization, from accounting to physical infrastructure, allows many common business needs to be met easily and cheaply – or become unneeded.

These 3 areas of change are, as noted, areas of opportunities – opportunities to save money, to start your own business with these resources, or even get in on these in your own business.

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