I Have a Job, They Don’t: Fansourcing

You know those friends and fellow fans that are incredibly talented but don't have work?  Yeah, I thought so.  You wonder what you can do for them when they are so talented, so gifted, yet are looking for work.  It's easy to wonder since they're so good at what they do, you're left wondering what you can do.

What you can do is give these talented people a chance to use their talent for you – and thus give them a chance to earn money, build skills, and gain another reference (that's you here).

Go on and put them to work – hire them/pay them to help you with a project.  You remember when I discussed Fansourcing (hiring/employing the skills of your fellow fans)  many times here?  That's a way to help people with unemployment.

First, they get money in many cases.  Money is good.  Even if you don't pay them in cash you can reimburse them in other ways.

Second, they get something that shows their skills off.  That's also good – especially if their job search requires a portfolio.

Third, you become an entry on their resume.  In fact, they may be able to pick up several pieces of work and justify that famous "Consultant" role many people put themselves in upon losing a job.

Fourth, you become a reference – which is especially important.  I act as a reference for the artists and editors I've had for my books and any other projects I've done.  References are gold for people looking for work, and when there is a real product (like a book), they're even more powerful.

So they're looking for work?  Give them some – and all the benefits that entails.

Steven Savage