I Have a Job, They Don’t: Sharing Resources

And here we are, yet again, discussing that painful, and all too common situation of having a job when her friends and family don't. And I, wanting to help my fellow professional geeks, have queued up another heaping helping of advice on what to do in the situation.

Tthe advice for this post? Start sharing their resources. You know, this job search sites you go to, or the newsletter should get, or the group you belong to. Share all the stuff we use constantly in her job search in our professional lives.

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I Have a Job, They Don’t: Fansourcing

You know those friends and fellow fans that are incredibly talented but don't have work?  Yeah, I thought so.  You wonder what you can do for them when they are so talented, so gifted, yet are looking for work.  It's easy to wonder since they're so good at what they do, you're left wondering what you can do.

What you can do is give these talented people a chance to use their talent for you – and thus give them a chance to earn money, build skills, and gain another reference (that's you here).

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