Steve’s Update – Late – 9/14/2017

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It’s my weekly Scrum style standup for my audience, so where am I?

First, late.  Sorry team.

So what have I done the last week?

  • “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet”: Chapter 7 is about done, it just needs editing..  It’s a pretty critical one as it moves things on from the 40% mark forward – and sets things up for a massive amount of actions and reveals as the crew heads to the world of Lindhaem.
  • Way With Worlds Minibook #4: All formatted and ready.  Just have to do publicity and such.
  • Art: Continuing my cover art work. now on my tumblr.  My latest have been Overwatched themed.
  • Blog: Got more queued up.  I may start mixing it up more – I realized I haven’t career blogged in awhile as I got focused on my fiction projects!
  • General: Lots of chores, marketing stuff, and more.

What am I going to do this week:

  • Way With Worlds Minibook #4: I might do publicity setup for it, but I can wait.
  • “A Bridge To The Quiet Planet:” Editing Chapter 7 and getting it ready, moving to chapter 8.
  • Seventh Sanctum: I have an idea for a new generator – well a new idea, I had another in the works.  Let’s see which one I get to first . . . I do at least want to map some data.
  • Other: Got a lot of events and a friend moving, so that may occupy a lot of time.


– Steve