Steve’s Update 10/27/2018

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Sorry I missed my last update, things got a bit busy.  So let’s go

So what have I done the last week(s)?

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet:  Editor comments addressed, Grammarly check run, and two chapters through the next-to-last readthrough!  Plus the cover layout is done, I just have to work on turning it to a final draft!
  • Way With Worlds: So close to being done here.  Still not sure if it’ll be out in November or December; that depends on editing.
  • Other: I had a lot going on, with a wedding and more, and a lot of work to boot.  Still, back on top of that!

What am I going to do this next week?

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: I want to try to complete my first readthrough.
  • Way With Worlds: Finish writing this, perhaps think over my next plans.
  • Other: We’ll see how the week goes!  I do have some other projects beside the above I’d like to get back to.

Steven Savage