Steve’s Update 1/19/2019

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Hello everyone! Well the holiday may be over, but I’m plugging away as always!

So what have I done the last week(s)?

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: Is selling in ebook format and I have what I HOPE is the final print copy. We’ll know more after looking it over this weekend. At this rate I’m thinking any remaining typos be damned.
  • A Reader’s Guide To Avenoth: I haven’t started promoting it yet, but if you like A Bridge To The Quiet Planet, check out this free world guide! I’ll promote it more when the print copy drops.
  • Way With Worlds: The book on Cities is marching along. Not much to post on that except, well, it’s happening.
  • Expanding My Publishing: I’ve got my books going out to more distributors, starting with the worldbuilding books. They’re at Kobo, Nook, and I’m also over at
  • Other: I think I covered everything above!

What’s next?

  • A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: Hopefully signing off on the print copy.
  • Way With Worlds: Writing away. Maybe I need to reduce these updates, as I’m gonna say that a lot.
  • Expanding My Publishing: I’ll have a few more books out, so keep looking at Kobo, Nook, and more!
  • Other: I didn’t get to my new coding experiments, so I hope to this week.

Steven Savage