Steve’s Update 4/16/2019

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Here’s our latest sprint roundup! But first . . .

Seventh Sanctum got mentioned and used at Drawfee!

So what have I done since last time?

  • In General: I had a tough week – hurt my back. I’ve recovered, but ouch.
  • Way With Worlds: Chugging along on the Fashion book. Figuring it’ll be out very late May or early June. It’s gone deeper than I expected, which is good – amazing how much clothes are part of a society.
  • Seventh Sanctum Book: The core philosophy section is done (well in draft), and I’m on to an examples section. That one is proving fun to write as it explores the concepts.
  • Seventh Sanctum: Didn’t get to the new generator yet, and I had delays in my tech review.
  • Next Novel: The next novel is tentatively called “A School Of Many Futures” and I had a real breakthrough on plotting. I won’t really start it until the fall, but it’s looking promising.

What’s next?

  • Way With Worlds: Keep writing the Fashion book. Really, I can keep repeating this as I write these constantly.
  • Seventh Sanctum Book: I should finish the example section, and hopefully move on to the practical advice section.
  • Seventh Sanctum: Try to get back to the new generator and my study of Python.

Steven Savage