Steve’s Update 9/22/2019

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With August out of the way and more time to focus, I’ve had some good results on my projects! Let’s check in!

So what have I done since last time?

  • Way With Worlds: The News Worldbuilding Book is out! Go get it! Go buy it for friends! Go tell friends!
  • Chance’s Muse: The Seventh Sanctum came back from the editor!
  • A School Of Many Futures: Is now being written. The good news is it is shaping up – the bad is it’s a tough little story with all sorts of challenges. Since it is a sort of “double reverse Harry Potter” where two teachers and their friends find a normal school is brimming with conspiracies and chosen ones, it presents many interesting choices. I’m powering ahead, but at the very least Chapter 1 and 2 are going to be heavily revised.
  • Seventh Sanctum: Finally returning to this. What a few weeks.

What’s next?

  • Way With Worlds: I plan to outline the next book – I want to do one more before the new year!
  • Chance’s Muse: I’ll likely edit it in the next two weeks so I can start formatting.
  • A School Of Many Futures: Keep writing! I’m powering through now – and trying a few interesting tricks . . .
  • Seventh Sanctum: Get back to the Python prototypes and maybe (finally) a new generator (I’d like something to celebrate the new book with!)

Steven Savage