Frustration Friday: Applenesia

Apple is on top.  Apple rules our world.  iI want my iPhone, my iPad, and my iSystem.

Sure there's some bumps.  Ping has spam.  Apple has higher prices than some.  There's concerns expressed by people about closed technology ecosystems that are very legitimate.

However, let's face it – Apple is on top.  Everyone talks about them, wants to be like them, praises them.

So, I'd now like to see some people kindly discuss why all the doomsaying about Apple that we've seen on and off the last twenty years was wrong.  Publicly.  In detail.

I'm not angry it happened.  In some cases the various Apple-will-die stories seemed relevant at the time.  However they all turned out to be dreadfully wrong, so can some of the journalists and pundits and writers please go back and explain why so many of us were dead wrong?

Would it be hard to stop the praise to look back and ask just what we were thinking here?  Maybe it'll help us get better at predicting and evaluating.

Would it hurt to explore what Apple did to survive all those many years?  Maybe we can learn some lessons.

Could we ask ourselves if the death-of-Apple stories were just a fad (much like the death-of-Twitter stories these days)?  Perhaps we can stop history from repeating itself, as it often does to our embarrassment.

So, please news pages and magazines, journalists and writers, take a moment and explore why Apple lived when there were many times its demise was predicted.  Give us books, or articles, or even blog posts.

You can even write the draft on your iPad if you want, to get you in the mood.

Steven Savage

(By the way the title of this?  One of my lamest.  Seriously.)

Tablet Time?

So, as we deal with the inevitable age of the Tablet, the question is: why now?

This is something I see coming up a lot lately: why the heck are we suddenly enthusiastic about tablets (and by we I mean everyone).  Really, why is everyone so enthused about an idea that's about a decade plus old by now?

Actually I think it's because this is just the right time.

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Operating System Battles: Not what we think?

I recently moved to a Macintosh for my major home computer.  It does everything I need it to do, comes with my preferred web development language and server I can use for development, and lacks a lot of the problems I got tired of with Windows.  Simply, after evaluating everything, I realized I wasn't going to count on Windows 7 to fix issues, and liked the consumer-electronic focus of the Mac.

Of course, I also use a Windows Netbook from Asus that, as readers know, I quite adore.  Its small, fast, and efficient, and was very cheap.  Since I don't use it for excessive amounts of activity (mostly travel and writing), I keep it set up for limited use, with plenty of security, to avoid problems with Windows.

Then there's my cell phone, and I'm looking at Android . . .

The point of all this?  I think the idea that people are "dedicated" to one Operating System of any one kind is ridiculous, and is probably going away.  OK Hopefully IS going away.

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