More Thoughts on The Everything Wars

I've written about the Everything Wars a few times, and frankly, some of it seems to be sneaking up on me.

You may remember when I said that I felt the core of the Everything Wars was Microsoft, Google, and Apple, with tangents in the e-book area and gaming.

I think I was being kind.  It started that way, but the more I watch what's going on in the news, I think the Everything Wars have rapidly expanded.  Yes, Google, Microsoft, and Apple are core players, but it seems EVERYONE is jumping into the fray directly or tangentially (usually the latter).

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Kaiju Company Big Battle – Where it’s going

So I talked about the Everything Wars last post and laid down an outline of how I saw the battle going:

Level 1: Apple, Google, and Microsoft battling over technologies of software, systems, and access.
Level 2a: Content delivery companies, battling each other over rights and distribution, and possibly making deals with other companies.
Level 2b: Social media and integration tools, battling each other midly, but somewhat away from Level 1.
Level 3: Content deliverers, dealing with the battles above.

So now where do I see this going and what does it mean for you?

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Kaiju Company Big Battle – The Scope of the Everything Wars

Bonnie and I have talked a lot about the Everything Wars – where companies are battling for share, market, and presence in a variety of markets, some that you wouldn't expect.  We've jokingly compared it to a giant monster movie, which is probably not too bad a metaphor,but I wanted to explore the issue a bit deeper.

The reason I explore it further is this is big for us progeeks, profans, and the rest of us – technology defines a lot of what we do in our lives, careers, and career interest.  Fantasy sports is played online, websites deliver anime, etc.  What happens in the Everything Wars happens to ALL of us.

So, let's take a look.

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