More Thoughts on The Everything Wars

I've written about the Everything Wars a few times, and frankly, some of it seems to be sneaking up on me.

You may remember when I said that I felt the core of the Everything Wars was Microsoft, Google, and Apple, with tangents in the e-book area and gaming.

I think I was being kind.  It started that way, but the more I watch what's going on in the news, I think the Everything Wars have rapidly expanded.  Yes, Google, Microsoft, and Apple are core players, but it seems EVERYONE is jumping into the fray directly or tangentially (usually the latter).

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Book Wars Part 2: Return of Pulps and Serials

Previously, I talked about how the Book Wars, leading to many new
technologies and methods, meant anyone could be an author.  I now want
to look at one way this can affect upcoming media.

I think we may see the return of Pulps (fun-but-trashy/slick fiction) and of serial fiction.

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Book Wars Part 1: The Rise of Everyone

You've seen a lot on the changes in publishing occurring in this blog, every few days, if not more often, there's talk about e-readers, e-books, Print on Demand, etc.  I could sum this up in many ways (including "oh, gods make it stop, it's confusing), but to put it simply:

  • There are more ways to get text to people.
  • Everyone wants a piece of that market.
  • This means new ways to deliver content and consume it.

Now, this basically means people can read more and authors can get their stuff out easier.  I have several books in the works and am pretty sure most if not all will start as Print On Demand with e-book options.  I see no reason not to embrace the new technology.

There's another side to this that often gets missed.  Yes, more ways to get more books in more formats.  We can guess that, we've heard about it, we know it's a given.

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