Video Companies: What Keeps You On Top – Or Off The Bottom?

We've been discussing the video wars here (part of the Everything Wars) for quite some time–indeed it seems we started pretty much around the blogs founding. Now, years later, though Netflix still dominates all there are quite a few services – Hulu, Vudu,, possibly even Facebook, and so on.  It seems a lot of people want a piece of the video market, even if they're not quite sure why, how, or what they want.

Now, as noted, Netflix still dominates, and if I may say, rightly so – they've been at this for years and did a good job.  But nothing is forever and there's a lot of competition, lots of current and future legal battles, and always the chance for people to do stupid or smart things.

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More Thoughts on The Everything Wars

I've written about the Everything Wars a few times, and frankly, some of it seems to be sneaking up on me.

You may remember when I said that I felt the core of the Everything Wars was Microsoft, Google, and Apple, with tangents in the e-book area and gaming.

I think I was being kind.  It started that way, but the more I watch what's going on in the news, I think the Everything Wars have rapidly expanded.  Yes, Google, Microsoft, and Apple are core players, but it seems EVERYONE is jumping into the fray directly or tangentially (usually the latter).

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The Everything Wars: Outrunning the Double-Dip?

We've been seeing a lot of the Everything wars lately.  I've started to formulate a theory that there may be more to them than just plain corporate competition.

For those of you new to the blog, the Everything Wars is what Bonnie and I call the big battle between major tech/media companies going on now.  The central players are Google, Microsoft, and Apple, but they tangentially involve Amazon, Sony, Nintendo, and others.  Basically everyone is horning in on everyone's territory right now.

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