Link Roundup 10/15/2013

– Steven “Waiting for the Meltdown” Savage

Superheroes, SF, nostalgia – and no one caring

As soon as the whole Disney/Marvel mess was announced, there was talk of Fox doing a new Fantastic Four film.  Of course I suspect that was a case of wanting to assert their current rights, but it has had me thinking.

The second recent Hulk film was sort of sequel, sort of reboot.  There's talk of a new origin-of-Superman film.  A new Fantastic Four Movie doesn't seem unlikely.  We just had a GI Joe movie.

I've wondered if the recent rush to superheroic/SF-ish movies, the desire to maximize properties, and the fact only some of the big superhero/SF/nostalgia properties have big name recognition means that past a certain point people will stop caring.

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