Actually, I Suspect ‘Lone Ranger’ Just Kind of Sucks

Between Bruckheimer’s complaints and Depp and Hammer blaming critics, it appears a lot of people are not taking the failure of “Lone Ranger” very well.  This is a reaction I’m not used to seeing since it sounds like it’ll only … Continue reading

2015: Hollywoodpocalypse?

Cracked continues to watch the potential Hollywood meltdown, and tags 2015 as the likely time it’ll go Kerflooie. This one’s actually pretty data-heavy, and they have a point that 2015 looks like it’s going to be Blockbuster Mania.  As in … Continue reading

No One Weeps For Hollywood

It seems like the last few weeks we’ve been discussing the potential of a Hollywood meltdown.  Admittedly with Spielberg starts talking disaster, you listen.  There’s plenty of comments on it, from our own Serdar to So though I don’t … Continue reading

Hollywood is Having A Tough Time Recently

Lone Ranger joins some other poor-performing films. We’ve also had some real hits (Trek, etc.) and Despicable Me 2 did well (I would argue, personally, it quite deserved it).  But it’s worth noting since we’ve been following a string of … Continue reading

Speaking Out As Hollywood Burns?

Serdar’s latest post at his blog notes the issue of films being events – and the concern comes from none other than Gore Verbinski.  He’s concerned films are events now, multiplatform ones, and Hollywood’s excesses are in trouble from expenses … Continue reading

Hollywood Is Brokener. Or something

Lynda Obst has an excerpt from her new book on how Hollywood is broken, which follows what we’ve been discussing here.  The excerpt alone is informative and paints a workable theory about risk-adverse Hollywood since you can’t plan easily in an age … Continue reading

Book Review: Tales From Development Hell (New Updated Edition): The Greatest Movies Never Made?

Tales From Development Hell (New Updated Edition): The Greatest Movies Never Made? By David Hughes ISBN-10: 0857687239 ISBN-13: 978-0857687234 PROS: An insider’s look at Hollywood’s movie machine and how it often takes years – or over a decade to make … Continue reading