2015: Hollywoodpocalypse?

Cracked continues to watch the potential Hollywood meltdown, and tags 2015 as the likely time it’ll go Kerflooie.

This one’s actually pretty data-heavy, and they have a point that 2015 looks like it’s going to be Blockbuster Mania.  As in lots of Blockbusters, but also possibly the movie industry going the WAY of Blockbuster.

So the question comes up then – what happens if this does happen?

– Steven

No One Weeps For Hollywood

It seems like the last few weeks we’ve been discussing the potential of a Hollywood meltdown.  Admittedly with Spielberg starts talking disaster, you listen.  There’s plenty of comments on it, from our own Serdar to Cracked.com.

So though I don’t think we’re there yet, I have to concede that it seems Hollywood is heading for a meltdown.  The second half of the summer doesn’t seem to be going too hot, though I will say Despicable Me 2 really did deserve to do well.

But my praise for the family/superhero/romcom/comedy of the summer aside, I do think that the meltdown is coming, probably next year, as the pre-planned tent poles don’t provide a lot of support.  So what happens if there is a Hollywood collapse, with a huge amount of blockbusters not making enough money, and the risk-phobic studios not being sure what to do?

One of my first thoughts is that a lot of people won’t give a damn.

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Speaking Out As Hollywood Burns?

Serdar’s latest post at his blog notes the issue of films being events – and the concern comes from none other than Gore Verbinski.  He’s concerned films are events now, multiplatform ones, and Hollywood’s excesses are in trouble from expenses and good TV.

Is it just me or all of a sudden are a lot of big names in Hollywood saying they’re in trouble?  We’ve heard from Speilburg, we’ve quoted others here, etc.  It seems people are vocally, publicly worried.

So if their concerns are valid (and I think they are, frankly), what happens if Hollywood doesn’t change direction and melts down?  Remember, it’s happened before.

– Steven