Actually, I Suspect ‘Lone Ranger’ Just Kind of Sucks

Between Bruckheimer’s complaints and Depp and Hammer blaming critics, it appears a lot of people are not taking the failure of “Lone Ranger” very well. ┬áThis is a reaction I’m not used to seeing since it sounds like it’ll only exacerbate the issue of the film just not doing well.

For those of us who follow the cultural and career issues of the Hollywood meltdown that we’re kind of expecting, I wonder if we’ll see more of this.

– Steven

Hollywood is Having A Tough Time Recently

Lone Ranger joins some other poor-performing films.

We’ve also had some real hits (Trek, etc.) and Despicable Me 2 did well (I would argue, personally, it quite deserved it). ┬áBut it’s worth noting since we’ve been following a string of concerns about Hollywood potentially having a collapse.

– Steven