How Blogging Helps Your Career #9 – The Coffee Shop

(The roundup for the “How Blogging Helps Your Career Series” is here)

So you’re blogging away.  You get feedback and suggestions.  You comment on other posts and others comment on yours.  You even meet people that contribute to your blog and vice versa.

Somewhere in all of this you find your running a small or community or are part of one.  And your mind hearkens back to every single person who ever told you you should network more.  Instead of that rising desire to scream at them “yes, I know everyone tells me that!” you realize you are doing that.

By blogging.

Blogging invites people in, invites them to communicate, creates dialogue.  By blogging you can do a lot of networking without thinking about it (and over-thinking about it).  Sure blogging lets you shout to the world, but it lets people talk back, dialogues begin, and some blogs even become comfortable places to discuss things.

You’re networking.  And that can help your career and ambitions.

Blogging is a coffee shop.

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