Go Where The Geeks . . . Aren’t?

I often advise people to go where the geeks are career-wise because, let's face it – I speak to geeks.  I'm about geeky people doing geeky things, fans doing fans doing fannish things, otaku doing . . .  otakunoid things?  Well, anyway, conjugation aside you know the drill – I'm about people going where they find likeminded folks and do professions that fit their interests.

But my recent columns on HR got me thinking.  I've advised folks to deal with HR by upping their geek game and leveraging technology and knowledge to work around the flaws in the world of the job search.  I'm thinking now I've thought too small.

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Interruptions To Your Career Path

You've planned out your career course.  You've got an idea of where you are and where you want to go.  Spreadsheets and notes and documents and dog-eared books mark the way to your future.

That planned career course gets interrupted.  You move.  You change jobs.  The economy is ruined by stupid and greedy people.  Your plan is temporarily derailed, perhaps horribly so.

Of course once it's derailed, you get right back on your career plan.  You're no quitter, you won't stop, you won't give up.

Have you ever considered the fact maybe you should?

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