Paralyzed HR, Active Progeeks

So yesterday, I mentioned that, based on what I've been reading and seeing in people I know doing a job search, the HR/recruiting system of many companies is essentially locked up:

  • When there is a system, it often is disempowered, has mixed duties, and either outsources a lot or isn't sure what to do.
  • Some companies have just turned to recruiters and tossed out some requests, making things more confusing.
  • In the wake of a rather paralyzed HR scene, some smart young companies are trying to jump into business – a sign there's easy pickings.
  • I hear constant complaints from everyone, a sign the whole HR/recruiting scene is not working for people – including those in it.

So my take?  It ain't working.

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In Which I Fear I Was Wrong About HR

So as you've managed to guess if you've . . . well read this blog or know me . . . I'm big on careers, job searches, etc.  I'm big on geeky careers and jobs.  It's not just making money and paying bills, I'm big on helping people find meaningful work in their lives.  Assisting people in finding their ideal, true careers, means a lot to me as it's about meaning in life.

However, as I help people, one truth seems to come up again and again – namely that recruiting and HR sucks so badly it has an event horizon.  If you didn't get that that's a black hole joke, you may be at the wrong blog, by the way.

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Progeeks, HR, and Stepping Up

HR has been an obsession of mine lately.  I've met some brilliant people in HR.  I've seen some hideous examples of HR (and my friends and family and readers tell me many more).  HR is a big area of interest of course, since a lot of people want to find some work, and HR is often the gateway.

Now I've met some great HR people.  As I've noted before, I like to let them know how great they are as probably few people are.  But I've also seen some pretty mediocre HR performance, and some that's just plain bad (seriously, getting a 'no thanks' letter six months after I started a new job?)  The good HR people will take care of themselves, but the ones that aren't so good . . . well, we have to deal with them.

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