Mobipocket, Kindle, and More: My Amazon Publishing Experience.

I'm happy to say I've gotten both Fan To Pro and Progeek Rising up at Amazon for Kindle.  So of course in the interest of progeekery and self-publishing, it's time for me to tell you about my experiences of converting and publishing my book to Kindle format and Kindle itself.

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Kindle, Amazon, Technology, Trust

As the Kindle Deletion Disaster continues, I'm seeing a lot of analyses of what this means.  Yes, there's what it does to Amazon, there's the political repercussions (what's to stop a government from manipulating omni-delete features), and there's more to come.  I'd like to add one thing the Kindle Deletion Disaster does to writing: it affects trust.

Trust is a very important thing in the world of media, as we geeks and fans know.  A company can loose trust with a lousy game, by cracking down on fansites, etc.  But the Kindle and similar technologies give companies – and creators – a chance to completely destroy trust in their work by doing boneheaded things.

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