My Kraken-Con Promotional Sale!

Hello everyone, I’ll be speaking at Kraken-con on April 23rd – I’ll be doing a geek networking event, and speaking on the Sailor Moon book!

To celebrate I’m putting three of my career e-books on sale!  From Friday morning before the con to the evening of the Monday after, these books will be on sale for 99 cents:

So if you’ve wanted to get your hands on my career books and money was tight, or if you’re curious, or if you enjoyed seeing me – you get a discount!  Enjoy, and see you at the con!

– Steve

Steve’s Update 4/20/2015

Hello everyone, got a lot going on! So let’s begin!

First of all the Newsletter?  I decided to make it display my RSS feed in a nice newsletter format.  That way I’m not updating a standard format, I can keep everyone informed, and people in the newsletter get my other fun posts – plus it’s easier to maintain.  Sign up if you haven’t!

Next up is my speaking schedule- I just added three events (though the PMI one I should have done earlier)

Kraken-Con  April 26th, 2015

I’ll be at this fantastic, twice-a-year convention with two panels.

  • Epic Resume Go! – My Resume Panel For Creative People panel, I’ll discuss how you can make writing a resume into a fun creative exercise.  Or a tolerable one.
  • How To Make Japanese Curry – Kraken-Con last year was the premiere of this panel, and now it’s back and improved!  I’ll discuss the history of Japanese Curry, the basic recipes, the many variants, and of course my own healthy version!

PMI Silicon Valley May 13th, 2015

  • Leveraging LinkedIn To Get Yourself Noticed – My new panel on how to use LinkedIn, with a focus on getting people’s attention and going beyond LinkedIn 101!

Fanime – May 24th, 2015!

I’ll be doing one panel at this enormous convention – and I recommend coming by no matter what as this event is amazing!

  • Fan To Pro – My classic panel on using hobbies in your careers, I’ll discuss just how a fannish interest can take you farther – and in ways you haven’t thought of.


Now after all THAT . . .

My next book plan is in order.  I’m going to look into doing a book on Project Management Techniques – but as opposed to long, drudging outlines, it’ll be more bite-sized knowledge.  I’ll know more in a few weeks, so stay tuned.


That’s it for now.  Let me know how you’re doing!


– Steven Savage