My Personal Agile: Getting Started With Incubators And Backlogs!

(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr) OK, so we’re talking my personal Agile Method, which is really kind of Scrum with some variants and my own tweaks.   This is how I stay productive – without goung crazy. I’ve … Continue reading

My Agile Life: Overwork

(This column is posted at, Steve’s LinkedIn, and Steve’s Tumblr) (My continuing “Agile Life” column, where I use Scrum for a more balanced and productive life continues). Uhg.  So as you know from my blogging about agile techniques, I’ve been getting overloaded.  I’m … Continue reading

Book Review: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivityby David Allen# ISBN-10: 0142000280# ISBN-13: 978-0142000281 PROS: Presents a serious, workable system for getting organizing. Explores the psychology of organization and planning. Easy to read and very personable. CONS: The book's hardcore … Continue reading