The Recruiting Nightmare #7 – The Best Frayed Plans

So I’ve documented all the challenges of getting out a good job post, networking, sorting through resumes, and so forth.  It’s pretty heavy stuff, and if you don’t work in recruiting I hope you understand a little better what recruiters go through.

Once a recruiter gets out the right job posting, once they network, once they find the right person, eventually it’ll all work out right?  I mean you’ll find the right person and hire them?

Well, possibly.  Oh there’s the usual challenges – you may not be able to get to them in time, or there’s a competing offer, or whatever.  But eventually it’ll work out.

Maybe – until someone changes their mind.

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Communicating Your Progeekery

You're a progeek, profan, protaku – or want to be.  You're working hard your career, you're living your dreams.  You're a pinnacle of potential – and perhaps are even realizing it.

Except people don't get it.

You know the drill.  You meet people who figure that hobby of yours is useless.  You have to explain again and again that you do actually get paid for what you do.  You have people wondering why you "waste your time" on the things you love.  Yep, it's the usual "how how can that make you a living" routine we're all sick of.

So, let me ask this: Are you going out of the way to communicate with your critics?

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