The Recruiting Nightmare #6 – Here Comes The Resume Storm

Some recruiters don’t get enough resumes.  I’m not going to cover that, because that’s part of the larger problem of finding people. Some recruiters get the right amount of resumes.  Great for them. Then there’s the resume storm, where a … Continue reading

The Recruiting Nightmare #3 – Good Post, Bad Results, No Ideas

OK, so maybe a recruiter gets out a really good job posting.  They may have written it themselves, had someone else do it, had a team effort, whatever.  Either way it stands out from the bland, bullet-pointed nightmare of most … Continue reading

The Recruiting Nightmare #2 – No One Can Write A Job Posting

Let’s put this simply – most job postings are horribly written, boring, inaccurate, and usually are near-meaningless laundry lists of stats and years of experience.  Those that aren’t too long are usually stupidly short.  The end result is: People ignore … Continue reading