A Look At Windows 8?

Engadget has it’s impressions of Windows 8 consumer. What I picked up:

  • The interface with XBox is limited, but pretty good. This makes the future of Windows/Microsoft pretty clear – full integration.
  • The System definitely shows it’s trying to have it all ways – it’s not a “complete re-invention” but, as Windows has so often been, a new system with a way of running old stuff.
  • Most of it sounds actually quite promising, except for some control foofaraw.

Microsoft is betting a lot on this because they need to move with the times and compete with a slicker, more tablet-oriented world that’s not as tolerant of idiosyncrasies of technology.

My Takeaways:

  • So, definitely imperfect, but also showing Microsoft put some thought into this (hell, in some cases too much thought), and is dedicated to moving this way in the future. Yes, that means you’ll probably have to put up with it.
  • Developers are going to need to keep on top of this of course, which roughly sums up as “Start Learning Metro.”
  • XBox developers also need to pay attention because the interface, which seems simple now, has a lot of promise. To whet your appetite, look at the Wii U controller. Now imagine a tablet connected to the Xbox . . .
  • For those of us working in IT, it’s another system to keep track of. Me, I’d like to see more on the security myself . . .
  • As this gets closer to market, watch to see what’s done with Apple and Android. Apple and the Android quarter know this is coming – we may have some surprises from their goody bag as it gets closer as a way to head off any Windows enthusiasm (which are words I so rarely put together anymore)

Steven Savage