Dirty Mythbusting Jobs Versus Nature With Bizarre Foods in The Wild

I love Mythbusters.  That's a tame statement actually, but human vocabulary is limited.  Let's just say now and then when I fire up Netflix, the people I live with dread I'm going to watch some episode for the 3rd or 4th time.  Seriously though, how can you not watch a hot water tank take off like a rocket again and again?

In fact, I love shows like Mythbusters, though they're my prime love.  I love these oddball reality-esque shows that look at weird jobs, foods, areas, history, and more.  You know the formula – get the right host with a good personality, a subject, turn them loose, and film the fascinating results.  From blowing up toilets to eating tuna eyeballs, these shows are addictive to people like me.

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