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Many Platforms, Many Choices: Gaming and Socialization

I've been talking a lot about the role of socialization in media in the last few weeks.  I came to the conclusion that the social connection we get is usually more important than traits like originality (or at times, familiarity).  I based my theories off my various readings (such as Starstruck's theories on socializing), watching the phenomena, and pure intuition, and I believe in an abstract way, I really did hit on something.

My experience became less abstract recently, in a way that I think further confirms my basic theory: the ability to experience social ties with a media is a major part of what we choose.

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Getting Into Networking

I like to network.  A lot.  Sure Networking is indispensable to your career (we've all heard that beofre), but frankly I consider it indispensable to life.  I enjoy it.  I get into it.

Realizing not everyone gets into it, I wanted to spell out some pointers that may help people get into the "networking rush."

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