Geek Job Guru: The Memorable Candidate.

We want to be the candidate that gets the job, or the contract, or the client.  We’re always wondering “what kind of person will get this.”  Is it the one with this talent or that, the one that is the most forward, the one that is the most reserved, or just the weirdest one?  Whatever it is we want to be that person, or at least think we do.

In my long experience working, coaching, and researching I’ve found there is one kind of candidate you want to be – and you, my fellow geek/otaku/fan can be it, and may have some advantages in that area.

That candidate?  That’s the memorable candidate.  Well, the well-remembered candidate, really – since you can be memorable for breaking into panicked screaming and running out of the interview.  You want to be memorable in a good way, but for the sake of theory, I’ll just refer to you as being “the memorable” candidate.

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Epic Resume Go! The Guide!

This is a quick compendium of my resume guide based on my approach to resumes – that they tell stories.

In crafting a good resume, you are telling a tale of your past.  This tale tells of your ups and downs, triumphs, and ultimately your direction.  Done right, it makes the job you’re seeking be the appropriate “next chapter” in your tale.

Humans work via stories, so being able to tell a good one is important any time – and on a job search, it’s what can land you the job.

– Steven Savage