The Recruiting Nightmare #6 – Here Comes The Resume Storm

Some recruiters don’t get enough resumes.  I’m not going to cover that, because that’s part of the larger problem of finding people.

Some recruiters get the right amount of resumes.  Great for them.

Then there’s the resume storm, where a flurry of potential employees floods some poor recruiter’s inbox, website, profile, whatever.  Then this “fortunate” person with “many” options has to sort through them.

This is another part of the challenges facing modern recruiting. 

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Ask A Progeek – Sending Multiple Resumes?

Ah, that magic moment where you see multiple jobs at the same company.  Of course that leads to our next “ask a progeek question” . . .

Does it hurt one’s chances of being hired if they apply to more than one job at the same company?  If not, are there any special things to keep in mind when doing so?

We worry if we apply to multiple jobs at the same company, it’ll hurt our chances.  Of course the truth is a little more complicated than that . . .

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Epic Resume Go! The Guide!

This is a quick compendium of my resume guide based on my approach to resumes – that they tell stories.

In crafting a good resume, you are telling a tale of your past.  This tale tells of your ups and downs, triumphs, and ultimately your direction.  Done right, it makes the job you’re seeking be the appropriate “next chapter” in your tale.

Humans work via stories, so being able to tell a good one is important any time – and on a job search, it’s what can land you the job.

– Steven Savage