Superheroes and Sex Appeal

A friend of mine recently discussed the new Green Lantern trailer.  Sure he was enthused about the movie, the effects, the scope, but he was also enthused about Ryan Reynolds.  The enthusiasm my friend felt for Ryan Reynolds was an admixture; he felt Reynolds was both charming and looked great in his underwear.  My friend is not the only person to comment on a level of sex appeal in the Green Lantern Trailer, leaving me to the conclusions that this is both intentional and that Mr. Reynolds is someone who will make more of us feel inadequate in our underwear in the years to come.

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What The World Needs Now Is Thor

What the world needs now is a hunky Asgardian beating the crap out of people with a hammer.

Ok, actually this is what Superhero films and the superhero genre need.  After seeing the previews for the Thor movie, I'm not only enthused about it, I think the film has the chance to get Superhero movies out of a rut.

There have been many Superhero films over the last few decades.  Many have been quite good and artistic, often with excellent actors.  Chistopher Reeve's Superman was excellent (and a fun film).  Nolan's Batman was dark and noirish and well-done.  The Rami Spiderman films were pretty good (early on at least) and had excellent casting – I'd in fact say Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus was amazing.  There's a lot of good stuff out there.

It's just it always seems to be the same stuff, over and over.

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