10 Myths About Game Design Degrees

10 Myths About Game Design Degrees  – From Gamecareerguide.com.

A short article by an educator on people who get degrees specifically in game design.  It’s an interesting read – both in how it addresses some familiar myths, and a few I hadn’t heard expressed before.

Gaming is arguably one of the geekiest industries to work in, and I find that it’s also one that has some of the most misleading myths and ideas about it – and those odd ideas can last an awful long time.

– Steven

Trek, Who, Ambitions, Careers

Io9 , an SF-oriented website that covers a variety of ground, did an unscientific poll of Doctor Who and Star Trek fans, focusing on their ambitions, their careers, as well as other data.  You can find their results here.

Though not scientific by any means, it’s still interesting reading to speculate on the psychological, economic, and career issues involved – as well as chicken-or-egg issues of what interests come when.  I myself, who started as a young SF fan, can’t remember if his interest in science-fiction or his interest in science came first – but I think it was my interest in science.

– Steven Savage