I was reading an interesting article on how stereotypes can derail your personal 'brand'. It made some good points, and I responded with some of my own strategies. I'd like to go into my own ideas of dealing with stereotypes.

If you're reading this blog, changes are you're a professional geek/nerd of some kind, or hope to be. Pretty much you've got plenty of stereotypes to deal with professionally and unprofessionally – the lifeless nerd, the socially incompetent geek, the perverse otaku, etc. You've dealt with them for a long time.

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An entire summer course on worldbuilding?

Link here.

Wofford College is sponsoring a residential summer course on worldbuilding where attendees will build an entire world as part of their project, and work collaboratively.

This is something I’m very encouraged about.  Worldbuilding is a major part of writing, game design, and art.  A good world is literally the main character you never see as the main character as it defines every element of your story with a coherent whole.

I’m also glad to see Worldbuilding treated as a kind of craftsmanship.  When I read fiction I want to get something out of it – to think, to laugh, to have a reaction, to come away with more.  Good worldbuilding can really contribute to that, by laying the foundation to make it all mean something.

Finally it’s nice to see something THIS unrepentant creative and geeky having a course like this.

Also I rather imagine this or something similar would be a heck of a thing to put on a resume for some young people, or those helping with the class . . .

– Steve