Promoting Professional Geekery #17: Evangelize To A Professional Association

If you've read this blog for any length of time, or any of my books, you know I'm big on people joining professional associations.  They're great for networking, for keeping your skills up, and more.  They're de rigeur for any … Continue reading

The Job Search: Start Judging Yourself

Lately, when I talk to people about their job searches, it seems that a lot of them are worried they're being labeled in their job searches by recruiters.  They worry these labels are at best limiting, and at worst, detrimental.  … Continue reading

Personal Branding For Progeeks #4 – Putting It To Use

So you've figured out your personal brand as a professional geek. Now, how do you actually use it and communicate it? My philosophy of this is pretty simple – you have a core way to define yourself and refer to … Continue reading

Personal Branding For Progeeks #3 – Kinds of Progeeks

Last column I discussed brainstorming techniques to help you come up with your "Progeek Personal Brand".  It was a case of self-examination and defining yourself with less and less words so you got a good handle on how you want … Continue reading

Promoting Professional Geekery #5: Join A Professional Association

Want to promote professional geekiness, shameless fan-to-pro enthusiasm?  Why not hook up with people that are kind of doing that very thing? Go join a Professional Association.  We put together a huge list for you awhile ago. … Continue reading

Persona Branding For Progeeks #2 – Finding Your Brand

Last week I discussed just why Personal Branding is important for geeks in their careers – and in some ways more important than usual for information-driven folks like ourselves.  So the question comes down next – how do you do … Continue reading

Professional Branding For Progeeks #1 – What and Why?

Let me be up front: the economy sucks, the job search sucks and is made worse by ossified HR and put-upon recruiters. So, anything that's wrong in the job search is at best, only half your fault.  That being said, … Continue reading