Muse Hack Posting – Guardian Comics

Ethan of Guardian Comics is looking for an author!  He needs a lead story writer who can work with him, write dialogue, and give good directions to an artist.  He needs the kind of writer who can not just create a script, but explain everything so the artist will know what to draw and there won’t be miscommunication.  Talent and imagination is more important than experience.  Right now this would be unpaid, but royalties will be part of the negotiation.  You can reach him at ethan(at)!

– Steven Savage

Self-Published Author Turns Down Amazon Deal

Yep, she didn’t want it and didn’t like the guarantees.

This actually leads to some odd thoughts here.  Amazon has self publishing tools.  So are they competing with themselves?  Could their self-publishing be a way to recruit talent?  Will that self-publishing change?

– Steven