Celebrity Presence And The Failed Die-Out

Awhile ago a variety of celebrities declared themselves dead, not Tweeting and such until enough donations to fight AIDS came in.  Despite this being for a good cause, it was a failure at the time as noted.  The site now appears to have donations up to par, but it sort of looks like  . . . well judge for yourself (http://buylife.org/).

So why didn't this death-on-social-media have an immediate influx of donations?  I think part of it was the odd, kind of self-centered method of raising funds and the tastelessness of it.  The other part was that the celebrities stopped being celebrities.

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Review: Starstruck – The Business of Celebrity

The Business of Celebrity
By Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

# ISBN-10: 0865479097
# ISBN-13: 978-0865479098


  • A serious, passionate look at the business of celebrity in America and to an extent other countries.
  • Presents consistent theories and analysis of celebrity.
  • The personal approach of the book helps it avoid pretension and helps communicate its points.


  • Shifts in tone at the end of book to discuss the negatives of celebrity is jarring and feels inconsistent.

SUMMARY: Must-read book for most anyone, but indispensable for people in media careers.

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