Competence Porn In Fiction Versus Gaming

I loved the article io9 did about the loss of Competence Porn (watching competent people do competent things) in SF. It noted how many SF stories had lost that element, leaving us with assorted “average” guys, non-scientists, and the like … Continue reading

Check out “The Elevator”

Victoria Shockley, who we interviewed previously, has her new children’s novella, “The Elevator” coming out soon.  You can find out more here:  Here’s her blurb: “Gorb the gnome operates an elevator in an upscale hotel. When three businessmen get stuck … Continue reading

A World Of Elseworlds

We're in an age of remakes, sequels, and one-offs based on existing properties, mostly Superheroes.  I hear talk of an "originless" Fantastic Four film, and if you're a fan of DC comics I've seen a lot of direct-to-video films.  None … Continue reading

The Future of Publishing

After reading this article on Michael Stackpoole's ideas about where fiction is going, my usual speculation urges came to the forefront.  I began to wonder what might a viable model be for publishing internet fiction that would go around the … Continue reading