Guest Post: Why I need Bender as my Literary Agent

Carrie_Bailey(Guest post by Carrie Bailey)

I write. Some people would say I’m a self-published author looking to go the traditional route with my next book, but I like to think of my self as an amateur author ready to go pro. Why not? I need the money. Yeah, I know, it is possible to build up an author platform and market your books yourself, but the process is time consuming. Sure, absolutely, I’m indie until I die, but I also want to sell out so I can afford to stay indie on my time off when I’m not busy selling out.

That’s why I need Bender to be my literary agent. I realize he is fictional. I haven’t lost touch with reality – no. And, yes, I am aware his work experience involves bending, drinking, smoking, and sitting around a delivery warehouse. And I’m sure he doesn’t spend all too much time reading, but in my Futurama loving heart, he’s the right robot for the job.

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