Why The Next Anime Adaptions May Not Be Obvious – Or Exist

I’m starting to loose track of the amount of adaptions-of-anime going on in Japan.

Yamato?  Check.

Gatchaman?  Coming up.

Captain Harlock?  Enjoy a badass trailer.

Patlabor?  Coming.

I would like to make an interesting speculation.

You know how now and then I talk about live action anime adaptions here and elsewhere? About how Hollywood may someday adapt things?  What it means for our careers?

What if we should ask not about American adaptions, but any adaptions?

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And Over At Nerdcaliber – Gatchaman

I don’t just blog and write on careers (or dump my recipes here), I also comment on nerdier things over at the aptly named NerdCaliber.  So you might want to check out my comments on the live-action Gatchaman Film (that you may recall as Battle of the Planets here).

– Steven Savage

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