Extremes, Memes, and Self-Esteem

You know the people that are the big self-esteem gurus?  Don't buy it, don't feel all this telling people how wonderful they are works except to make them feel entitled and become vaguely delusional.

You know those people that believe in strength through adversity, how we really all need to be super strong people who suffer through a lot?  Don't buy that either, because that which does not kill you usually leaves you broken and wishing it had.

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Pop Culture On The Job: The Things You’ve learned.

One of the things we've talked about here is the advantages pop culture knowledge provides to people in their jobs.  I've decided it's worth taking some time just to explore why it's useful.  Or in short, all that knowledge in your head about video games, manga, movies, and sports is probably a lot more useful than you realized.

Let's see how you can apply it, and the first thing is . . .

You know what succeeded and what has failed.

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